Wednesday, January 6, 2010

A moment in dream.....

It was dreams
all i had in life
dreams, dreams,and dreams
of a thousand moments........

It was you,
I want in dream
but you never came
to share the rain with me.......

You were a deep image
in the shadow of dark
No,i cant
I cant tolerate anymore..........

All my dreams shattered
like the day autumn leaves,
It was u ......yes it was u
Who made it dry...........

never will i remember this,
Never will i......
again lie my faith in u,
But still i forgive you,
For once
I thought you were mine.......


The wind whistled by
and went her way
she whispered to me
a little something to say.
Was it an order?
Was it a request?
i dont have the answer for that.
The very nextday
she came again and said.
"forget about what i told u yesterday,
for if u dont
I will take away your memories"
I know well that,it was a threat
And decided to forget it all
for memories are the most important of all.
The wind came again.
I requested her
to take back the secret
And so she did.
But before leaving
she said,
"Memories are the most important of all"